You signed up to be a teacher because you love inspiring children to learn and grow, but with all of the demands of the modern classroom plus growing class sizes, your career feels draining rather than energizing.  Are you looking for something better and different?  You’ve come to the right place.

It takes a special person to work with gifted students.  Maybe that’s you?  Let’s be clear; we ask a lot of our teachers.  We’re looking for candidates who truly understand and appreciate the unique strengths and needs of gifted children.  We’re looking for candidates who are creative, love learning themselves, and are willing to wear many hats.  We’re looking for candidates who want to go the extra mile to truly know and understand each student.  We’re looking for candidates who have exceptional moral qualities to set good examples for our students, both at school and in the community.

Despite the fact that we ask a lot of our teachers, each one of us truly has a heart for the mission of the school and loves coming in to work each day.  If this isn’t the best job you’ve ever had, then you have the power to change that.  Because we are a small community and a private school, every voice is heard.  Our teachers are educators, mentors, leaders, and a second family.  Everything we do has purpose.

The chain of command is inverted.  Because the needs of the students come first, we believe that the ones most qualified to make decisions should be the teachers who work with students on a daily basis.

Interested?  Please send your cover letter, resume, four letters of recommendation that we can contact, and answers to the following questions to

Question 1:  Tell us what sets you apart as a teacher.

Question 2: Why do you want to work with gifted students?

Question 3: What would you do if a student told you that they were bored during a lesson?

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