I am looking for a school that is sensitive to the unique needs of my child, provides a community of intellectual peers, challenges my student to achieve their best without overwhelming them, and prepares them to be exceptional in the real world after graduation.

We think you will find that Community is something that sets us apart.  Everyone here is known, and known well, rather than being just a number in a massive education machine.  Henry Ford, father of the assembly line and mass-production, said, “People can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black.”  That’s great if you want all of your products to be exactly the same, but is that what we want for our children?  Our elementary classrooms are looped, which means that our teachers have two years to truly know and understand your child.  We have a buddy program where our middle and high school student volunteers (who are screened and trained) are paired with an elementary student to meet at least once a week to hang out and talk about life, and enjoy casual play time.  All of our students participate in a community service project of their choice (examples: helping an elderly neighbor, serving at church, our buddy program, helping at a local food pantry, etc.).  Our students go out into the world and make a positive impact with their unique set of strengths.

We offer Core 40 and Honors diplomas for our high school students.  This will both challenge them academically and open doors to the most prestigious universities.

Our graduates are well prepared for the real world socially, emotionally, and academically.  Starting with our youngest students, we teach that every person has something valuable to contribute.  This is modeled by teachers and practiced in the classroom and community service projects.  Being a gifted person can be tough.  We help our students understand how to deal with the complexities of their own giftedness and turn them into strengths.  Our high school students complete an innovative life and career preparedness program designed and taught by local successful business owners.

Join our Parent Support Group to share stories, get advice, hear guest speakers, and get more involved in our community.

We have more great things on the drawing board for next year, but let’s focus on being exceptional with what we already have for now.

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