We are looking for teachers and parents to coach clubs.


Air & Space Club

Learn how to build and fly small model aircraft including quad-copters, helicopters, RC planes, rockets, and anything that comes to life when it leaves the ground. Compete in races, technical challenges, and team competitions against other schools across the nation.


Black Belt Club

Intensity is part of being gifted. Work your way up the ranks of Karate as you enjoy an outlet for your intensity, learn self-discipline, and gain the confidence to defend yourself.


Chess Club

Whether you are a beginner or advanced chess player, you will have tons of fun and learn how to be a better player.

Computer Game Programming Club

We will explore computer programming with a theme of games using platforms such as Scratch, JAVA, C, and more.

Drama Club

Self expression is an important outlet for intense and creative gifted minds.  Explore the world of drama and learn how to express yourself in many creative ways.

Newspaper & Yearbook

Love gathering facts and telling real life stories in interesting ways?  This is the club for you!

VEX Robotics

Learn engineering, programming, and teamwork while having fun building and competing with robots.

Join our VEX team if you are between 8 years old and 8th grade.  We start our season October 2016.

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