Remediation is a positive experience.  Very often, when students skip grades, there are gaps in their knowledge.  Some gaps are filled, but others aren’t.  In other cases, a student may have had a rough year at a previous school and wasn’t focused on academics.  Either way, once we identify the knowledge gaps, we can build a solid foundation for the future.

Indiana Standards allow a student to transition easily from school to school.  It’s also a good starting point to be sure foundational knowledge is covered before moving on to a higher grade.

Apogee School Standards are our own “above and beyond” goals specifically designed for gifted students.

Electives and Independent Choice allows our students to take an active role in the direction their education takes.


The Apogee School offers a robust curriculum designed specifically for gifted learners.  Every assignment and every project has purpose.  We encourage students to seek connections with what they’re learning to make every lesson relevant and real.


Each student will have a project of their choice.  The project must be approved by the advisory teacher, and a contract negotiated to ensure the project is both challenging and attainable.  Whenever a student finishes class work early, they can work on their project.  It can be anything (within reason) that the student is interested in.  Possible project ideas might include:

  • Using an Arduino or Rasberry Pi to make an interactive game.
  • Making a podcast series on a current event.
  • Studying details about a general in the Civil War.
  • Learning Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  • Building an electric guitar.
  • Writing a book and publishing it on
  • Designing and building a hydroponic garden.
  • Inventing a new board game.
  • Composing a piece of music.
  • Doing a science experiment.



What curriculum do we use?  Because each student has different learning styles and needs, our skilled teachers use a variety of techniques to teach their subject.  We do use off the shelf curriculum from time to time, but we also create our own engaging lesson plans specifically designed for gifted students.



We use a rubric-based grading system rather than the traditional percentage-based grading system.  The traditional system was designed over a hundred years ago in a manufacturing economy, and is based on completion and compliance.  Rubric-based grading focuses on proficiency and mastery.  We use an online portal that parents and students can access at any time to see how the student is doing.





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