So what makes the Apogee School different?  Think back to the last time you went shopping for a really good pair of shoes.  You probably tried pair after pair, but you just couldn’t see yourself in any of them.  The toe is too tight.  The arch is too high.  Then you finally slipped your foot into a shoe that made the clouds part and trumpets play a fanfare from the heavens.  You don’t know how or why, but this shoe fit so well that you just knew that it was meant for you.  It’s very likely that you’ve tried many different schools for your child, but for whatever reason they haven’t been quite what you’ve been looking for.  If you’ve read this far, then your child is probably the kind of gifted kid we specialize in.

Knowing that your child loves going to school every day and is accepted for exactly the person they are is huge for any parent, but that’s not enough.  We also aim to astound you with the quality of our academic program and the passion of our teachers.  As you look through our staff directory, you’ll see some really impressive credentials.  How did a small school get so lucky?  It has nothing to do with luck, but rather with strategic design.  When you invert the chain of command and let brilliant teachers take the lead rather than telling them how to do their job, they have the freedom to put the needs of each of their students first and they are much more satisfied with their jobs.  That translates into an all-around joy for teachers and students alike.  Our teachers truly have a heart for the mission of our school since most of us were once gifted children ourselves.  We get the joys and burdens of being gifted, and that helps us understand and nurture our students in the ways that truly matter.

Our school was founded by the same people who brought you the innovative, national award winning Mensa Family Program that has served over 300 gifted families in Central Indiana since 2008.  The Family Program is a model and inspiration for other Mensa regions around the world.  We truly have a dream team that loves serving gifted children.  Now that dream team is creating a school in Indianapolis!

As you browse our website, ask yourself if you can see your child being happy here, both now and in future years.  If you like what you see, please help us get the word out.  The more students we enroll, the more quality teachers we can hire.  Your contribution to our community matters, even with the little things.

I want to raise your expectations about what a great school should be.  Welcome to the Apogee School.

David Bonner
Head of School


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