David Bonner is the Founding Director and Head of School.  David is the upper elementary core teacher and also teaches math, science, engineering, and many other subjects.

David has been a licensed teacher in elementary, secondary science, and gifted & talented for ten years.  He has launched gifted programs and consulted for several schools.  Prior to becoming a teacher, David earned two degrees in electrical engineering and spent several years as a professional in that field.

For the past ten years, David has directed the local Mensa youth program and served on the National Mensa Gifted Youth Committee.  He received the American Mensa Gifted Youth Coordinator of the Year award in 2010.

Terri Trepanier is the lower elementary core teacher and specializes in reading and language arts.  In addition to being a licensed teacher, Terri is also licensed as a school counselor, administrator, and in mild intervention.

Terri has both a personal and professional passion for gifted and twice-exceptional students.

Jake Wolf is the core teacher for the middle school and specializes in history, government, and math.  As a licensed teacher, Jake makes history come alive for students.  Jake is a fantastic mentor for gifted kids.
Tricia Fraisure is our music and strings teacher.  Tricia has played first violin for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and is currently concertmaster for the Danville and Lafayette orchestras.  Tricia is a graduate of Butler University with a major in violin and viola performance.

Recent teaching experience includes several local schools and private lessons.  Tricia is very skilled at relating to students and encouraging them to be their very best.

You can hear Tricia play her violin at this link.  You can visit her website ascendingduo.com.

Jeanie Gensheimer is our P.E. instructor.  Jeanie will be teaching karate and gymnastics.

In 1993, the Indiana Youth Institute Award was presented to Jeanie for outstanding efforts to promote healthy development in youth. She holds degrees in psychology and early childhood education from Ball State University, as well as a master’s degree in marital and family therapy from Butler University.

Jeanie is a 6th degree Black Belt and is one of only four women to have achieved a master’s rank and is the 3rd highest ranking woman in the system.  Jeanie was voted Outstanding Martial Arts Student of the Year.

You can visit Jeanie’s website www.gensheimermartialarts.com

Giselle Trujillo is our Spanish teacher and is a native speaker from Venezuela.  Giselle has taught art, dance, and Spanish in both North and South America.  She combines all of her talents when she teaches.  Giselle has a gift for creativity and expression, and has a wonderful heart for children.

Giselle’s teaching experience includes the Children’s House, International School, and the Orchard School.

Giselle has a website giselletrujilloart.com

Abigail Wolf is our art teacher and is licensed in teaching visual arts.  Abby inspires students to think, create, and express themselves as true artists, not just copy art that others have done.

Abby is also innovative in how she connects art with other subjects.  For example, she created a popular and completely original class called Art and the Cold War.

Abby’s portfolio can be seen at arteducationdesign.com


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